Hugo Wolf Association Slovenj Gradec was established in 1993. It strives to promote Wolf’s music in Slovenia by encouraging ensembles and solo artists to perform Wolf’s musical literature and integrate it into their programme, but above all, it works towards the goal to raise the value of Wolf’s personality and work in Slovenia to the same extent as throughout the rest of the world and to establish them in the conscience of a wider cultural public sphere.

In Slovenj Gradec, the traditional and well-established programme focus points of the association are regular concerts (evenings of Wolf’s Lieder in his Birthplace), the international solo singing school, which is led by an honorary member of the association, Phd. Breda Zakotnik from the Salzburg Mozarteum, commemorative editions as well as translations of Wolf’s song books, as well as organisation of music symposia. The association is based at the birthplace of Hugo Wolf.


Hugo Wolf Association Slovenj Gradec
Glavni trg 40
2380 Slovenj Gradec

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President of the association: Marko Košan