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Until the renovation in 2010/11, the Slovenj Gradec Music School was housed in the birthplace of the worldwide famous composer of late Romantic music, Hugo Wolf. Today, the building has been transformed into a memorial museum, part of which is also the International Hugo Wolf Documentation Centre.

Hugo Wolf’s birthplace functions under the patronage of the Carinthian Regional Museum and it is also the seat of the Slovenj Gradec Hugo Wolf Association.  The project Sound of the Past Brought to Life was carried out during Maribor’s tenure as European Culture Capital 2012 and it enabled a complete renovation of the house, the opening of the memorial exhibition about Hugo Wolf’s life and the establishment of the International Hugo Wolf Documentation Centre.

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Documentation centre

The third part of the archive comprises photocopies of original documents, which are now kept by the Regional Museum in Maribor.

Hugo Wolf Association Slovenj Gradec

Hugo Wolf Association Slovenj Gradec was established in 1993. It strives to promote Wolf’s music in Slovenia by encouraging ensembles and solo artists to perform Wolf’s musical literature and integrate it into their programme, but above all, it works towards the goal to raise the value of Wolf’s personality and work in Slovenia to the same extent as throughout the rest of the world and to establish them in the conscience of a wider cultural public sphere.

Museum shop

In our museum shop you can buy souvenirs and literature about Hugo Wolf in slovene and german language.

The register of the Hugo Wolf archive

Together with the establishment of the Hugo Wolf Museum in Wolf’s birthplace at Glavni trg 40 in Slovenj Gradec, and the permanent display collection, the Carinthian Regional Museum also finally set up the Hugo Wolf archive. The museum gradually acquired the material between 1997 and 2010 that is why the archive is divided into three parts.

Book Spomini na dom / Spomini na otroštvo

Spomini na dom (Memories of home) / Erinnerungen aus meinem Elternhause
Spomini na otroštvo Huga Wolfa (Memories of Hugo Wolf's childhood) / Erinnerungen an die Kindheit Hugo Wolfs / CD


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The birthplace of Hugo Wolf
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