In 2020, 160 years have passed since the birth of the great composer of Slovene origin Hugo Wolf. He was born in Slovenj Gradec in 1860, where his first music teacher was father Filip, who loved to play music at home. As a 15-year-old, he decided to study at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna. He devoted himself to composing primarily to self-singing and created a series of collections of poems, with which he became famous throughout Europe in 1894. In 1895 he wrote operas Der Corregidor and many other works. He was dubbed "Wagner Songs" or song lyricist at the height of his creative powers.

Although he was overcome by illness in 1903, in his works in which he achieved complete unity of songs and tunes, he still radiates his power today. During the year of the Neighborhood Dialogue between Slovenia and Austria, various events will present our diverse but closed European cultural space. Hugo Wolf is a personality who, in the year of inter-neighborhood dialogue at the level of culture, connects both countries and both nations, as he is a Slovenian composer who has created his greatest works in Austria, and at the same time, with his awareness of Slovenian roots, has erected a monument to Slovene classical music heritage.